Susi Jarvi Charm Hunt

Check in for the latest clues for our Susi Jarvi Charm Hunt!

UPDATE: The Susi Jarvi Charm has been found by Ashlynn, Colton & Katelynn Mayfield. Charm was hidden at the softball bleachers at the Wolf Lake Waterfront Park. Thank you to all who searched! And Congratulations to the winners!!

Susi Jarvi Winners

Original Article:

The Susi Jarvi Charm is a rock with a wolf on it. It is hidden on public property in Wolf Lake. 4 clues are given (one per week leading up to Harvest Fest), with the first clue being the hardest and the fourth basically giving away the location. Be the first to find the charm and win $50!!! This event is sponsored by the Wolf Pack Baseball Team. Contact Tyrone at 218-230-4098 if you find the charm.

(Anyone who has found the charm in the last 3 years as well as their immediate family are not eligible to win the prize money.) 


#1. "This first clue may not help a ton, but just be glad it is not a silly pun. You could go to this place whether you are a daughter or son."

#2. "When you are here, you don't have to run." 



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